Bonus Wallet

Earn Free Credit. Everyday.

Earn 10% Bonus credit for every top up you do. Plus get an additional 5% Bonus when you pay your DSL (Internet) bill using Mobile Money.

Apply for your Free Bonus Wallet

Simply text ‘BONUS’ TO 620-0664!

Start Using Your Bonus

Dial *123# or use the MMG App.

  Top Up DSL Internet Payment
How much do I earn? 10% Bonus on value of Top Up 5% Bonus on value of bill paid
How do I earn this bonus? Valid on all Top Up - electronic, card or via Mobile Money

Valid on DSL (Internet) payments done via Mobile Money, subscriber phone

Payments at the Agents DO NOT qualify

How do I apply?

Text ‘Bonus’ to 620-0664 to apply for your Bonus Wallet


(If you are registered for Mobile Money, you automatically get a Bonus Wallet!)
Upgrade to Mobile Money Wallet
What can I use my Bonus for? To buy GTT top up or mobile data

Bonus is valid for 90 days.        

Maximum Bonus you can hold at any given time is $25,000.