1. What is 4G LTE?

    4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) is the next generation wireless communication of high-speed data for mobile phones and data terminals. 4G LTE, recognised as Fourth Generation Mobile, Technology is the fastest mobile data connection available in Guyana.

    This service allows for larger amounts of data to be transferred at faster speeds and is delivered exclusively over the band 17 (700MHz), which means that any 4G LTE compatible devices that accept this frequency and band will be able to access our 4G LTE network.

  2. What can be expected from upgrading to the 4G LTE service?

    By upgrading or switching to GTT’s LTE service; you can expect data speeds up to 5 times faster than our competitors, ranging between 25-30 Mbps, approximately 3 times faster than existing speeds.

    The benefits of upgrading include but not limited to:

    • Faster downloads - photos, apps, music, media arrive in a flash!
    • Faster data speeds – browse and connect faster than ever before.
    • Instant video streaming – perfect video calling with no buffering/loading.
    • Attach andsend large email files faster via email or app.
    • Stay connected to friends and family - post your pictures/videos & share updates on social networks faster.
  3. Who is eligible to upgrade to the new lighting fast 4G LTE service?

    All prepaid and postpaid customers with an LTE capable device are eligible to receive the service.

  4. How to upgrade the SIM card to 4G LTE?

    You can upgrade their SIM cards to 4G LTE for FREE at any GTT retail stores countrywide or via our online application form at https://www.gtt.co.gy/applyforsim.

  5. How do I know whether my SIM is a 4G SIM or not?

    This can be done in three easy steps!

    1. Go to https://www.gtt.co.gy/turn-on-4g-lte
    2. Input your mobile number in the applicable box
    3. We will tell you if your SIM card is a 4G SIM card or not
  6. Do I still need to upgrade if I have a GTT SIM card?

    Yes. To receive this enhanced mobile experience, an upgraded SIM Card is required if you do not have a 4G LTE Sim. Kindly see the conditions below for an upgrade.

    • Existing Prepaid Customers will need to obtain an LTE SIM card and keep their existing GTT number.
    • New Prepaid Customers will automatically obtain an LTE SIM card to use the LTE service.
    • Existing Postpaid Customers will need to obtain a new LTE SIM card in our retail stores to access the LTE Network.
    • New Postpaid Customers will automatically obtain an LTE SIM card to use the LTE service.
  7. Is the 4G LTE service compatible with all devices?

    Not all devices. Only devices compatible with Band 17 (700MHz) and Band 28 (700MHz) will be able to access GTT 4G LTE services in the 4G LTE coverage areas. It is possible that the same model device has differing bands so if you purchase a device from a third party retailer or even abroad you need to ensure that the device has the correct bands. For devices that have both these 4G frequency bands, you have to change their data settings to ensure “LTE” is available on their handsets.

  8. How to verify if your device is 4G LTE compatible?

    To verify if your device is 4G LTE compatible follow the steps below:

    • Android OS Settings > Mobile Networks > Network Mode > select “LTE/WCDMA/GSM (auto connect)”
    • Apple iOS Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data > select “LTE”
  9. What happens if the SIM upgrade was done but I do not have an LTE compatible device?

    You would only be able to receive the service available on their handset that is 2G or 3G depending on the make/model.

  10. Can I acquire a 4G LTE handset at GTT?

    Yes. We have a wide range of LTE capable devices in our retail stores for both prepaid and postpaid customers. For more information, please visit our website via the URL https://www.gtt.co.gy/shop/mobile/phones-devices.

  11. Does GTT have 100% LTE coverage countrywide?

    No.The service is currently available in most of Georgetown and a few nearby villages. However, We are actively expanding our LTE coverage throughout Guyana to enhance your mobile experience.

  12. With the LTE mobile network, what happens if I move in and out of the LTE coverage area?

    In the event you move out of an LTE coverage area, there is no need to worry, your device will automatically connect to the available 3G or 4G network until the LTE network is available. The switch between networks is seamless.

  13. What are the 4G LTE plans offered by GTT?

    You will be able to enjoy 4G LTE speed with their existing data plans and therefore there are no specific plans required to access 4G LTE data speeds in 4G LTE coverage area.

  14. Is 4G LTE available for voice calls as well?

    Although LTE is a data-centric network, youwill retain all existing voice and SMS functionality. LTE will allow for faster use in the transfer of data files, etc. but will not impact your voice service or quality in any way.