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5Mbps down/2Mbps up 
20Mbps down/8Mbps up 
50Mbps down/15Mbps up 

Activation Fee $12,000
Equipment Rental $600 Monthly

Available in the following locations: 

East Coast Demerara: 

  • Ogle (Part Of)
    -Courida Park
  • Goedverwagting
  • Atlantic Gardens
  • Happy Acres
  • Le Ressouvenir
    (North of Public Road)
  • Felicity
    (North of Public Road)
  • Bel Air Gardens
  • Atlantic Gardens

East Bank Demerara:

  • D’ Aguiar’s Park
  • Nandy Park
  • Peter’s Hall
  • Providence
  • Republic Park
  • Republic Gardens 
  • Eccles


West Bank Demerara:

  • La Grange
  • La Retraite
  • Bagotsville
  • Nismes


Technical Support/ Account Information/ General Assistance: Call 0FAS (0327) or email: 

Other Locations Coming Soon!

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