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GTT Careers and work culture

The right talent will help us to achieve our vision and our mission.
Working at GTT allows you the opportunity to expand your potential and skills to help advance your career. When you join us, you not only become a part of a dynamic culture and environment, but you join an industry that is at the heart and forefront of technological and societal advancement.

At GTT, we are all linked together, and the link leads directly to our customers. One weak link can cause disconnection, something we must never allow to happen. Our culture is highly dependent on the continuous growth, development and alignment of our team, while living our core values. 


These values include:

  • Integrity – We must always keep our word and commitments made to customers, fellow employees, vendors and other stakeholders
  • Respect – We must live by the Golden Rule: Always treat others the way we would like to be treated. We’ll be fair, kind, and thoughtful.
  • Embracing Diversity - Our diversity is our strength. We seek and embrace our differences, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to contribute to the pool of ideas. Every voice is respected and heard.
  • High Performance – Be fast but not in a hurry. Focus on getting it right the first time, rather than making hasty mistakes and having to do it again 
  • Mindfulness – In the pursuit of completely satisfying each customer, we use the company’s resources and money as if they were our own.
  • Responsibility – We are open and timely with our communication of relevant information to all stakeholders, in the service of completely satisfying each customer. We are responsible and accountable to all our stakeholders.
  • Prioritize Continuous Learning – What we know now is insufficient to satisfy each customer. We therefore must commit to lifelong learning if we are going to be able to compete in the evolving marketplace.


We believe in:

  • Fast, reliable and dedicated service directly to your office.
  • Provides the highest level of data security. 
  • Symmetical delivery plus provides the highest level of data scrutiny. 
  • Excellent for heavy data demands, video streaming, call conferencing, educational programs and more. 
  • Customer support round the clock.
  • Get great bundling offer for telephone and data services using SIP solutions. 


Our Vision:

  • To improve life experiences by unlocking innovation through applications and infrastructure to every home and business.


Our Mission:

  • To leverage our connectivity advantage and be the #1 provider of useful services that help people unleash the power of the digital world. To foster a better quality of life for all Guyanese, at home and in the Diaspora, and to facilitate economic prosperity for Guyana, by strengthening Guyana's Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) ecosystems in partnership with the government and the business community.

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