Tips To Keep You
safe with GTT!

Consider the following tips to
avoid getting scammed!


Keep your password and login details private. Never share them with anyone.
GTT will never ask for your password over the phone.


Only process transactions at registered GTT locations – do not process
transactions for anyone over the phone to strange accounts.


If you are suspicious of the caller, hang up and call GTT at 0488 to ensure you
are speaking to an official representative.


Avoid using public Wi-Fi to access your personal data.


Stay aware! Be aware of your surroundings or environment as this can inform
you of activities that would require caution.


Be cautious! If you feel like you are being forced to perform a transaction or
payment, do not do it! Do not be pressured to act immediately


Be alert! GTT Representatives will never call you asking for your details or to
send money to any number or individual.


If you are unsure about any request for information or believe your account
has been compromised in any way, kindly contact GTT immediately at any of
the below ways:

Be Proactive! Stay Alert!