GTT Landing

More ways to connect with friends and family

Enjoy a crystal-clear connection from your home or office with a digital home phone.

GTT Landline Plans

All rates are quoted in G$ and are VAT inclusive

Main Line Installation

per line

Monthly Rental

PER LINE for the first two lines
PER LINE for the third and all subsequent lines


Get more power out of your landline with features that put you in control of calls


per month
Let callers leave you a message when you're busy or not home.

Wake-Up Call

per month
Lose the alarm. Wake up to a call instead.

Caller Id

per month
Know who it is before you answer.

Call Forward

per month
Don't miss out. Forward calls to another telephone line.

3-way Calling

per month
Have more fun with three people on one call.

Call Waiting

per month
No more busy signals. Put a call on hold to answer another.

All rates are VAT Exclusive