Dear GTT customers,

As vaccination numbers increase and COVID-19 restrictions gradually lift, we understand that you may have resumed travelling abroad, or you are contemplating your first trip since the start of the pandemic.

As your communications partner, it is important that we inform you of roaming-related changes that may impact your travel experience. As such, we wish to advise that AT&T has made changes to its network that will affect your ability to roam with them when you visit the USA.

While you can no longer roam with AT&T, you can still connect, surf, and share by connecting to the T-Mobile network.

To select T-Mobile, please follow these steps:  

Android users

Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Select Manually > Device scans for available networks > select T-Mobile  

Apple iPhone users

Settings > Mobile Data > Network Selection > switch off automatic > device scans for available networks > Select T-Mobile

Whether you are traveling abroad for business, vacation or to reconnect with loved ones in-person, we wish you a safe trip.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for choosing GTT as together we rise.

Travel much? Be sure to pack GTT!
We make it easy to roam in the US, Canada
and the Caribbean.

Postpaid Customer

Before you grab your suitcase, contact Customer Care to activate roaming on your account. We'll review your usage limit to ensure it's sufficient for your trip, and you can increase it with an additional deposit.

Prepaid Subscriber

Just dial *100*3*9# to enable roaming. Your account is automatically deducted as you place and recieve calls or use data, so you just need to top up and go!

When you get there power on your phone and check to see whether you are connected to mobile nework. If you are not connected, you may have to manually select a network.

To manually select a network:

Step 1.

Go to Settings then more

Step 2.

Mobile Cellular networks

Step 3.

Network operators

Step 4.

Select network

The list of available networks will be displayed e.g. AT&T, bmobile
If you're roaming in the US, use T-Mobile
If you're roaming in the Canada, use Bell or Telus
If you're roaming in the Trinidado & Tobago, use bmobile
If you're roaming in the Caribbean Islands, use C&W/LIME
If you're roaming in the Suriname, use Telesur
For more information view our roaming guide Download


What is Prepaid Data Roaming?

Prepaid data roaming is the ability to use mobile data/internet on a foreign network when travelling to another country.

Do I have to buy a plan to roam with data?

You do not need to buy a plan but you must enable data roaming. Just dial *100*9# and select option 1 as shown below:

There is no charge to enable data roaming.

Once data roaming is enabled, just top up, ensure the data roaming option on your phone is turned on and you’re ready to go! When you begin to roam, all charges are deducted from your core balance so you can keep track of how much you’ve spent.

How do I turn on data roaming?

To ensure that you can roam with data:

ANDROID: Go to Settings → Mobile/Cellular networks → Data roaming >> On as shown below:



Once you are data roaming, you will see the H+ in your notification bar as shown below:



APPLE: Go to Settings → Mobile Data → Mobile Data Options >> Roaming On as shown below:


How much does it cost?

What countries are included in the GTT Zone?
Territory Preferred Network
Anguilla C&W/LIME
Antigua & Barbuda C&W/LIME
Barbados C&W/LIME
British Virgin Islands C&W/LIME
Cayman Islands C&W/LIME
Dominica C&W/LIME
Grenada C&W/LIME
Jamaica C&W/LIME
Montserrat C&W/LIME
St. Kitts & Nevis C&W/LIME
St. Lucia C&W/LIME
St. Vincent & the Grenadines C&W/LIME                                                          
Turks & Caicos Islands C&W/LIME
Trinidad & Tobago Bmobile
Bahamas BTC (Bahamas Telecommunications Company)
Panama C&W/LIME
Canada Bell/Telus
Suriname Telesur
How do I turn it off when I'm not using it?

To switch off your data roaming:

ANDROID Go to Settings >> Mobile/Cellular networks >> Data roaming >>Off as shown below:

Note: the H+ has disappeared from your notification bar.

APPLE: Go to Settings >> Mobile Data >> Mobile Data Options >> Roaming Off as shown below:


How do I top up while I am roaming?

There are two options for topping up while roaming:

You, or a friend or family member, can top up your account online via our website at the following link

Alternatively you can top up via the My GTT mobile app.  If you do not have the app, you can download it via the Google play store or Apple store.