Why GTT?

We're happy you asked! When you sign up with us you get ...

One-stop shopping: You're busy, and GTT can handle all of your telecom needs, from mobile to landline to Internet. We didn't become Guyana's largest telecom company on our good looks alone; we offer the most choices and the best service all in one spot.

Online account Management: Want to check your usage? Upgrade your plan? View your bill? Make payment? No problem! GTT's online MyAccount page lets you quickly manage your service from the comfort of your home or on the go. It's easy, peasy!

Incredible Internet service: Our customers surf the web at the fastest speeds in Guyana. We offer modems and the lowest priced plans. And we have the largest coverage for fixed Internet and faster bandwidth for corporate needs? Wow, right?

Mind-boggling mobile plans: Talk, surf, text. You do it all for less with GTT. We give customers access to 20+ free websites and have the lowest priced plans. Data subscribers also get free WiFi at various locations, and we have the fastest network in Guyana so you and your smartphone become even smarter. 

Award-winning community investment: GTT is a huge believer in all things Guyana, and we put our money where our mouth is. We're one of a few companies that heavily invest in social, cultural, educational, sports and community development initiatives. In fact, our work earned us the Corporate Citizenship Award. (Blush!)

Want more? OK!

How about mobile payments? GTT Mobile Money lets you top-up, pay bills, shop and more all from your mobile phone. You can rule the world in your pajamas!

And bundles!You talk, surf and text, right? We help you bundle up and save with Mobile Bundles plans that give you the power. Plans start at just $449!

And promotions that make you smile.  We love our customers, so we give them special offers just because. Opt into After 2 Belongs To You and get 10 free minutes after every 2-minute call, plus free texting all day after your first two text messages. 

Why GTT? Because you get more + pay less. Sign up today!