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Some connections are even more important when the power goes out.
Add a Backup Battery System to your Fibre+ service and experience no downtime, even when the power goes out.

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Existing Fibre Customer?
Visit any of our GTT Retail Stores here to purchase a Battery Backup of your choice
New Customer?
Sign up today and add a Battery Backup to your order
  1. What is Back-up Battery (BBU)?

    Back-up Battery powers your device when the primary source of power is unavailable. The Battery Back-up provides Fibre customers with extended, consistent electricity to their devices during a power outage and functions as a surge protector. New and Existing Fibre customers can enjoy the benefits of the BBU at affordable prices.

    • Registration requirements for new Fibre customer:
      To register for GTT Battery Back-up Battery the following is required:
      1.Valid proof of identification (e.g. National ID card, Driver’s license or Passport)
      2. Valid Email address
  2. What are the benefits of GTT Back-up Battery? 
    1. Protection against frequent power outages
    2. Protection against power variances that can cause damage to delicate equipment like computers
    3. Data protection because power surges or other variances can cause you to lose data Keep your work safe by being able to save your files & documents before an abrupt shutdown
    4. Up to nine plug-in outlets
    5. Extended power time for Wi-Fi coverage
    6. Saves time when you don’t have to redo the work that you had already finished
  3. Experience the following benefits when you purchase GTT BBU:
  4. How will GTT Back-up Battery add value to my daily activities?
    GTT Back-up battery provides adequate power during short-term interruptions. It saves you time and money and protects your appliances during power surge.
  5. What type of Back-up Batteries are available
    APC BBU Type Cost
    Back-up Battery (BE600) Back-up Battery (BE850)
    $17,399 $25,999
  6. What is the upfront installation cost?
    There is no installation fee, only a one-time cost that is dependent on the type of BBU you prefer.
  7. How can I purchase a Back-up Battery?
    For New customers:
    1. By completing the Fibre+ voice application form
    3. Postdated billing to apply on the first Monthly Recurring Cost (one time cost)
    For Existing customers:
    1. Walk-in any GTT Retail store
    2. Pay upfront
    3. Up-lift
  8. Does the BBU come with warranty?
    Yes, the BBU comes with 12 months manufacture warranty
  9. What is the return policy?
    Within 7 days:
    1. If manufacture defect is detected BBU will be replaced without cost
    2. If customer is no-longer interested in the BBU, 10% restocking fee will apply
  10. How is the BBU installed?
    Existing customer: - Self installation (installation manual included in the BBU package) New customer: - Installation will be completed simultaneously with the Fibre service within 7-10 business days.
  11. What does the BBU look like and what are the features?
  12. How to get support for the Back-up Battery?
    Live Chat:
    WhatsApp Number: 592-640- CHAT (2428)
    Customer Experience Email:
    Call Centre contact number: 0488
  13. How to Set up Back-up Battery?
  14. Step 3: After successful login to the GTT Fibre terminal. Click on Configuration.
    Follow the basic steps outlined below:
    1. Step 1: Remove the label that covers the outlets
    2. Step 2: Press and slide to remove the battery compartment cover located on the underside of the unit.
    3. Step 3: Connect the battery cable securely to the battery terminal and replace the battery back into the battery compartment.
    4. Step 4: Reinstall the battery compartment cover. Be sure that the release tabs lock into place.
    5. Step 5: Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to power on the BBU.
    6. Step 6: Connect the modem to the backup battery outlet.

    (See user manual included with the battery for additional set up instructions)