Endpoint Detection and Response:
critical for cyber security

Emerging cyber security risks make managed End Point Detection and Response a necessity for your business. Gone are the days when your team members all worked on site, and traditional anti-virus worked well. Today, many employees work remotely, interacting with cloud-based data and applications. This increases your cyber security risks, making your system more vulnerable to malware, spyware, ransomware, and viruses. Can your IT security team manage all of this? 

GTT has a better way.

GTT’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response consolidates prevention, detection, response and recovery to protect all your Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. It’s cost effective and reduces complications.

GTT manages cyber security risk detection and remediation

Don’t let your hard work go to waste. GTT’s AI-driven prevention, detection, and automated response give you top-notch protection, hassle-free!

Here’s how GTT’s Managed Endpoint Detection and Response serves you:

  • 24/7 Security Operations Center
  • AI-driven protection and response
  • Application vulnerability monitoring
  • Data recovery via rollback
  • Automated remediation

GTT offers Endpoint Prevention Capabilities:

  • Endpoint Prevention (EPP) to stop a wide range of malware, Trojans, hacking tools,    and ransomware before they start
  • Real-time and autonomous detection and response, with or without cloud connectivity
  • Detection of malware, memory exploits, script misuse, and other file-less attacks.
  • Recovery that gets users up and running in minutes and includes 100% remediation

   and rollback for Microsoft Windows

  • Policy-based control of USB device peripherals
  • Policy-based firewall control of network connectivity to and from assets, including

   location awareness

  • Insight into third-party app vulnerabilities, mapped to the MITRE CVE database.
  • Remote shell access to devices for incident responders and forensics personnel.

Let us help you stay on the cutting edge of cyber security with affordable, industry-leading technology.