Stronger Cyber Security. 
At A Better Price.

Why choose a Managed Security Operations Centre from GTT? 

Today’s cyber security risks require more than just a firewall or legacy antivirus for your business. Without real-time, proactive monitoring and response capabilities in place, modern cyber threats can easily go undetected until it’s too late. 
GTT’s Managed Security Operations Centre lets you see and manage critical assets in real time across your entire IT environment.

Now is the time to turn to the cyber security experts to reduce the risks to critical assets across your business. 

Why does my business face cyber security risks? 
Modern IT environments have grown more complex. Yours may include:

  •  A diverse tech stack
  •  Multiple 3rd-party vendors
  • Varied geographic locations

For some businesses, building the required monitoring capabilities is prohibitively expensive. 

Other businesses, meanwhile, may have invested in the right toolset but don’t have the skilled staff needed to leverage those tools to their best potential.

What’s the solution?
Lean on GTT as your trusted partner for a Managed Security Operations Center (SOC). 
For a fraction of the cost of building a system in-house, you’ll gain:

  • An experienced cyber security team  
  • A highly effective toolset 
  • Expert network monitoring, 24/7
  • Trained security analysts to find threats early, notify you, and help your team limit the impact of a security incident

Have you already invested in monitoring tools?  
Not a problem. We can help you maximize the value of that investment. 

How does GTT close the gaps in your security posture?

We tailor our Managed Security Operations Centre to each client’s unique needs. Our solution is flexible enough to accommodate as many systems, devices, and applications as you need to monitor.

Our SOC engineers will work with your team to ensure that our customized threat detection
platform ingests the right security data and that the correlation engine is properly tuned to detect suspicious behaviour. 

With this data, our experienced team will identify and evaluate threats. As a part of this process, we correlate events and compare them with real-time threat intelligence. Our analysts respond to, and notify you of, critical events within just minutes.

How will my business know what to do if something bad sneaks in?

We’ll work with you to design customized incident response playbooks and provide continuous support throughout the remediation process.