Penetration Testing


Unseen weak points in your system can cause significant damage to your
business’ security. GTT’s innovative IT solution helps prevent that and
protect your data.

Pen testing identifies security risks: The threat landscape changes fast in the digital
age. A cyber security system that was airtight upon initial implementation may now
have gaps that present significant risks. These unseen weak points in your system
can cause significant damage to both your business and your customers.
Accordingly, many regulatory and compliance standards require regular
penetration testing. These standards apply internationally, including Guyana. 

Don’t assume that your IT and security controls are working as designed. Protect
critical functions and sensitive assets with penetration (pen) testing. You can’t
afford not to. 

How does Network Penetration Testing work?

Our network penetration testing help you see your network from the hacker’s perspective, validate that your controls work as expected, and identify critical issues before bad actors do.

By simulating cyber attacks, GTT can identify the feasibility of an attack and project the extent of impact of a successful exploitation of your organization’s cyber-security systems against one or more realistic objectives.

We offer a variety of pen tests, including:

  • External pen testing, which is required for most companies
  • Internal pen testing—i.e. simulate a breach
  • Web application te

You Need to Know
Generic penetration testing is available online. Their results can’t match GTT’s system, which is tailored to our customers. Accuracy is critical to the success of your business.