Experienced Cyber security
Leadership at Your Fingertips

Even in Guyana, hacking happens. But that doesn’t mean you have to let
it happen to you. Be proactive by bringing in a business cyber security expert before problems occur.

If you’re asking yourself if it wouldn’t be too costly to onboard 
this kind of expertise -the answer is no! 
At GTT, we recognized the need for Chief Information Security 
Officer – and we provide this service virtually.


The Role of a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

The vCISO’s role is to advise on the establishment, documentation, and review of your operational cyber security risk management program on a predefined, recurring basis. 

Virtual Chief Information Security Officers are qualified and experienced IT security professionals who oversee and coordinate your business cyber risk requirements on a part-time basis, often remotely. In a large country like Guyana, remote is often quite physically distant, so this capability is important. 

The wide-ranging service from GTT includes:
The wide-ranging service from GTT includes:
  • Internal and external vulnerability scanning and vulnerability analysis, 
  • Establishment and management of an employee awareness training program, 
  • Execution of monthly phishing tests, 
  • Assessments of IT security controls, 
  • Incident response planning, reporting, and formal presentations to senior business leadership
  • Reference to leading industry frameworks such as National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), local regulatory compliance requirements, and best practices.
The benefits to your business: 
The benefits to your business: 

Gain affordable access to experienced security leadership, leaving your employees free to do their jobs.
Identify, evaluate, and prioritise your cyber-security risks.
Align process, technology, and spend to industry best practices.
Establish governance, risk, privacy, and compliance programs.

Why Outsource Your Cyber Security Leadership?
Why Outsource Your Cyber Security Leadership?

The need for cyber leadership is clear; however, for many organisations it can be difficult to find and afford experienced cyber-security professionals to fill that need. Leveraging a vCISO is an efficient and cost-effective solution.

How a vCISO Delivers Value
How a vCISO Delivers Value

Building effective cybersecurity programs requires an understanding of industry best practices, as well as the ability to define practical processes and deploy appropriately sized technologies. Every organization needs to balance its own cost vs. risk equation; for many, hiring a vCISO is the most efficient way to do so.

When Does a vCISO Make Sense?
When Does a vCISO Make Sense?

The decision to outsource security leadership often comes down to organisation size, business objectives, sensitivity of data to protect, and total cost. Small and medium organisations looking to mature their cybersecurity posture and/or establish a compliance program often find that most cost-effective access to experienced security professionals is via a part-time vCISO.